Monday, June 30, 2008

You Know It's Summer When...

... the husband fires up the barbeque and goes grill crazy. Mmmmmmmm!!!!!

Need to head out to Walgreens sometime soon and see if I can find earplugs for Kiki. I've decided there's no reason to scrap my (always tentative) plans to take the kids to the local pool over the summer when there's a simple solution to protecting the tubes.

Way back when we took Kiki to the geneticist, we met a woman who represented the local parents' group (DSGO). She gave us a packet, and she was so sweet and outgoing. She convinced me to go to the DSGO, which I'm really glad I've done, and we've gotten together a couple of times to just chat.

She's going to college right now, and she runs a daycare out of her home to help finance it. I took Kiki over to visit today, and got to meet her daughter and her husband. She mentioned again that she takes drop-ins. She lives pretty close by, so I'm thinking this could really be a good idea. I've been worried for a while that Kiki isn't getting enough socialization, especially on days where I really need to focus on work.

I also have a friend who lives around the corner who's also available to come over during the day, and I think between the two of 'em, it's going to be a win/win for Kiki and me.

Now it's just up to me to follow through. Which is always the challenge for me, dang it.


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