Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Stuff

1. Tooth Number 3 discovered by accident as Mommy was checking out Teeth 1 and 2. Ow! It's popped in on top, and it's the first one that Mommy didn't track the progress of obsessively. We'll call that tooth the Surprise Tooth.

2. We put an empty diaper box in front of Daddy's computer to keep Kiki away from his coveted earphones. She wants those earphones SO BAD that she pulls herself up into a standing position just so she can stretch across it as far as she can. It's the only thing that she'll pull herself into a stand on.

3. Today during her second session of Your Baby Can Read, she started clapping when the word "clap" appeared on screen.

4. And she's babbling a little bit again. Generally when she wants something because she knows I'll respond to a babble. Sly little booger.

5. Put in is getting there... sure it's still slightly more accidental than not, but she's getting more directional. It's progress!

And I leave you with a kiss.


YarnHacker K June 16, 2008 at 9:56 AM  

Too cute! We're not at the blowing kisses stage yet. When we ask for kisses, Dessa leans forward with her mouth open and lets us do all the work. Sometimes. Other times she just turns away. No kisses for YOU!

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