Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Health

Again, behind. I go to these doctors then put 'em behind me. Check, check, check.

Anywho, saw the eye doc again last week (heh... saw the eye... never mind.) We'll be back again in two months. In the meantime, we're putting a patch over her left eye (the good one) for two hours a day. Hopefully that will make an improvement without surgery, but the doc seems pretty sure that surgery will be necessary.

On Monday we see the ear nose & throat specialist. Hopefully he will be able to see her eardrums and ascertain if there is truly fluid behind her ears. If so, and tubes are necessary, the eye doc told me to tell him to coordinate with him, so that the eye surgery and tubes can happen at one time, with need for only one bout of anesthesia.

Her ST came today and was wholly impressed by her blooming social skills. She suggested that we take advantage of her newfound prowess to mimic motions by pressing the signs on her. We're trying... so far she claps for more when she's eating and throws her arms up for all done. Of course, she also claps for Yay! and throws her arms up for Arms Up! And the blowing kisses thing could also be used to communicate Food, but I'm not sure how to put that into context for her.

Contextually though, she does seem to be grasping the mealtime signs, as opposed to their meaning when she's not in the high chair. I'm trying to get her to sign for her milk instead of whining when she wants it. This however is my fault... I've reinforced the whining by giving her the cup when she does it. It's just instinctual! I know she wants it! But it doesn't help her, soooo. *sigh*

That's all the news on the homefront so far. My week off is almost over and I haven't done a bit of catch-up laundry. Again. *sigh*

Tomorrow! Umm, maybe.


YarnHacker K June 11, 2008 at 7:42 AM  

God, that instinct is a bitch, isn't it? YOU know the routine. SHE knows the routine. YOU know SHE knows the routine. When she starts up, you respond. It's a completely "Duh" moment... until somebody points it out. *grumble grumble Damn Somebody grumble* I guess this is what they meant when they said there were no perfect Moms. By trying to be perfect... we screw up. *sigh*

Hugs to you all!

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