Saturday, June 28, 2008


So weeks ago when I changed my template, I unfortunately took off links to places I go A LOT like FlourishMedia. And didn't notice it till today. I have fixed it.

Also discovered the coolest site of stuff I wish I were rich enough to buy. I envision this center with all this stuff where all the parents and babies I know could gather and let the kids workout. Okay, I know it's marketed and priced towards schools. Still. I want to be the founder of the first Toddler Disneyland. Or something.

This is what I want and am starting to save for. The little kid in the picture has the curliest hair; reminds me of my Dad's baby pictures.

Makes me wonder if I could actually talk to the other parents in the local group and discuss kind of building some kind of group playground. It's an idea... must consider.


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