Monday, June 9, 2008


I was in the mood for a template change. So I went out and found one I loved, figured I could customize it and whatnot, and completely underestimated 1) how Blogger unique type tags and whatnot are completely unknown to me and 2) how much I'd forgotten about HTML, CSS and all that in the last two or three years.

Ah well.

Several panic and anxiety attacks later, I think I'm okay with the result. Not REALL okay, but okay. I actually have another feature I want to add, but I have to build the content for it first.

I'm probably going to scrap it all and start over again within days. It always happens. (sigh)

Let's see, news on the home front. The schizo dog who is afraid of windows, curtains, stepladders, iced up grass, and bridges is also afraid of -- tada! -- bubbles. We bought bubbles thinking we could teach Kiki to blow. This wasn't exactly a great idea. If we get the wand anywhere within reach she tries to grab for it with either her hands or her mouth.

However, after days of us blowing in her face, she's begun to try to blow back in defense, I think. She kind of starts off in a raspberry and ends up sort of blowing. As with everything she does, it's sooo damned cute we get the giggles when she does it.

She loves it when we blow bubbles at her though. So we do this as often as possible, while the brave dog sits by Kiki and eats the bubbles that get close enough, and the other dog cowers in a corner, as far away as possible.

She blows kisses now, but it's kind of... unaimed. She starts with her mouth, but generally gets distracted in the middle of a string of blown kisses and starts smacking her ear, her forehead, her eye. She's actually given herself a black eye from the fervor of her blown kisses. I have video, which of course is not processed so I can't share it.

Yesterday, I caught her trying to do Itsy Bitsy Spider by herself! She loves Itsy Bitsy Spider.

She puts her arms up and then down on cue. She waves and blows kisses when prompted. And Kipp is now teaching her to do the Vogue.

And she started babbling! And she's continued babbling! Yay! And I have it on video also! Which I don't have ready to share.

I find myself strangely lacking in more things to share.


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