Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Since this last weekend she's started:

1. Blowing raspberries at us when we blow raspberries at her
2. Dancing if we dance first
3. Clapping her hands together WITHOUT TOYS!!!
4. Cocking her head from side to side to mimic us doing the same thing
5. Making kissy faces at us when we make kissy faces at her
6. Playing peek-a-boo

Honestly, it's like she'll go so many frustrating weeks without seeming like she's making any progress and then BOOM! She'll pull out the bag of tricks and show us what she's stored up.

Now, cynically, I realize that most of that list is really just one milestone -- that she's begun to mimic what we do. I don't care!! I'm giddy!

She's begun to wean off her morning nap which is good and bad... she's grumpy as all get out by lunchtime, but she sleeps great in the afternoon and still sleeps soundly through the night.

I don't think she's feeling very well today. She had a slight cough this morning, and she wasn't interested in eating breakfast, but she powered down two cups of milk which is unusual -- she usually only wants half a cup in the morning.

Her ST will be arriving shortly and Kiki is fussy already... this will be fun.


YarnHacker K May 13, 2008 at 10:36 AM  

Go baby go! Incredible how they stall for a while just practicing the same old same old and then whip out a bunch of stuff at once. Babies are a trip. Kiki's dancing is too much!

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