Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Baby!

You know, she's like a big ray of sunshine. You can't watch her and not smile or giggle or laugh. Don't get me wrong; she has her moods. In fact I suspect she may end up as moody as her mom, and if she does, that's her mom's fault for modelling that shit.

So yeah, she's grumpy sometimes when she's not getting what she wants, or if she's tired, or if she's not feeling well.

But otherwise she's so gleeful. Glee is the perfect word for it. When she claps her hands or waves, her eyes open wide and twinkle, she grins like a maniac, and her whole body wiggles with absolute, sheer glee.

And now she's figuring out how to get around barricades, and not just over them. Good lord she's a smart girl.

So she had another hearing test today. Still can't see her eardrums because of those tiny ear canals. The timpanum indicates there's fluid behind her ears, which is probably causing a temporary hearing loss. She reacts to loud noises and voices, but can't hear soft voices and whispers.

So the next stop is her primary care physician to discuss sending her to an ear, nose and throat specialist. There's a possibility she may need tubes in her ears, but this isn't uncommon amongst children her age, surprisingly.

And that's the update this week! I finished the book and it was glorious. It had a beautiful, upbeat, spiritual ending. I cried. Of course I cried. I cried, and Kipp looked up from his book all concerned, and I sputtered, "He said I love you! He said I love you!"

I sniffle now just thinking of it.


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