Friday, May 9, 2008


So the OT came by today, and now we have strict orders to teach Kiki to put. Put! Put! Put!

Okay, not necessarily strict strict, but she pointed out that until Kiki can put, she can't move on to doing puzzles, stacking things, etc. etc. So we are at an impasse.

On the plus side, Kiki was extremely friendly and even allowed the OT to cuddle and love on her. She's becoming lovey-dovey! Yay!

Also have to work on the pinch.

She clapped once this morning with her own hands! Couldn't get her to do it again, but it did happen. Usually what she does is grabs for our hands and claps our hands together. She bangs toys together with wild abandon -- in fact, sometimes she gets quite irritable if she can't find two toys to bang together. The clapping itself, however -- well.

Well, we have a month to impress the OT. I know she can do it!!!


YarnHacker K May 9, 2008 at 7:31 AM  

Lord - when I read the title of your post I thought you were teaching Kiki to golf. Which will come in the fullness of time but really, I thought, isn't that pretty advanced for a one year old?

I am maybe sort of stupid this morning.

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