Thursday, October 4, 2007

Big for her britches

As a scopist, I learn something new every day. That's just one of many things I love about my job. Anywho, I learned something about percentiles the other day. I don't know why I never just asked the doctor; I guess I figured I already knew what they were talking about. Never assume.

So, anyway, Kiki has been in the 50th percentile for weight since her first checkup (on the non-Downs chart, mind you). I thought that meant that she was at 50% of average (normal) weight. Ha! It does not mean that. It means that she's smack in the middle of normal. Or she was. At her last weighing at WIC, she was in the 70th percentile which means that out of 100 babies, only 29 would weigh more than she does.

THAT is a hugely different meaning than what I'd been assuming all along. And it explains why when I put her in a 3-6 month size onesie yesterday, the snaps popped open when I picked her up. She's not even 6 months old yet, and she has outgrown everything smaller than 6-9 month size.

It's hard to remember her smaller. But I was looking through her pics, and there's one of her in a NB size onesie -- I know this, because I still have it and I checked -- and she's practically swimming in it. She was so tiny once. And now my arm aches when I carry her for more than 10 minutes. (Which is less a statement on how heavy she is than on how weak I am.)

I have packed up all the clothes she's outgrown (except for a few I'm keeping as keepsakes), and I'm ready to head for a consignment store. Winter is coming, and I have no winter clothes for her. I have one cute cute cute outfit she has never worn and it may be too small for her now (dammit!) but I'm gonna shove her in it sometime this week and get a pic of her in it and take her out in it at least once!

I hate waste.


YarnHacker K October 5, 2007 at 7:44 AM  

They grow *way* too fast! I put a sleeper on Dess last night that I hadn't put on her for a while because it was too big and now? Just about too small. Killed me. She wears her clothes a few times and poof! She's out of them. Though that may be as much a testament to the incredible purchasing that her Nana and Great-Aunt Bean do. My mom found a pair of very sweet little pants for (get this) 81 cents. She could not pass them up. This kid has more $1 shirts and pants than she could ever wear and I *know* Nana is stocking up for Christmas. Of course, at the rate she grows? It's reasonable.

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