Friday, October 5, 2007

Her First Cold

It's official. Kiki has her first cold.

I'll have to chalk this up to mother's intution because the kid? Does NOT act sick. She's not running a fever. But last Friday, she had a fever of about 99 degrees -- not alarming -- and the rosiest cheeks you have ever seen. I thought she was wheezing, and maybe having a little difficult breathing. But it's hard to tell with her because she's a snorter (small nose + shallow nose bridge = snorting).

Since then she's had some random bouts of clamminess, and this morning she coughed 6 times. Not productive or anything, just a dry cough. I decided to take her to the doctor's just in case, and sure enough? She has a cold. Not a bad one, but enough to just keep an eye on.

Again -- she does NOT act sick. She's eating, she's sleeping, she's no more fussy than usual, and she's been laughing and smiling more often, so... on one hand, I feel guilty for not taking her in a week ago, and on the other hand, I know there was nothing to do about it anyway, and she's doing fine now.

She's fighting sleep more and more these days. Once she is asleep, she's out, but she'll fight it as long as she can. She's getting close to that 6-month marker where I'd promised Kipp that I'd start putting her in her own room to sleep. I can't do it!! I'm not ready!!!

But last night, after her last feeding, when she started fussing from being so tired and refusing to sleep, I started to put her in her swing, and Kipp said, "Just put her in the bedroom. Put her to bed." I of course took this to mean OUR room, in the bassinet, so that's where I put her, turned the lights out, and five minutes later, she was snoring away. So it looks like bedtime really has to mean actual bed from now on -- starting with the bassinet and working my way upstairs towards the end of next week.

I am the worst proponent of the Back to Sleep program. I always put her down on her back, I do!! And at night, in her bassinet, I put her in a positioner, just in case. But during the day, I just put her down in her Pack n Play, so she can work off some energy, and without fail, she'll end up passing out on her stomach or on her side.

I have photographic evidence of my poor motherhood. Look at this. On her side and WITH a blanket toy to boot. But she looks so peaceful and happy and I check on her a million times a minute to make sure her face isn't covered so... (sigh)


YarnHacker K October 6, 2007 at 2:59 PM  

I must be a completely crap mom - I started Dessa in her own room last week. We don't have a bassinet, though, and that part of the pack 'n play was only good up to 15 lbs. At her 4 month appointment she was 15 lbs 5 oz, so into her own crib she went. She didn't care. I... was sad but turned the monitor up loud and since that thing can pick up a fly fart? I haven't noticed much. It's sort of nice to finally be putting the room I made such a fuss about to its intended use!

Jezebel October 6, 2007 at 5:35 PM  

Please. YOU a crap mom? The difference is her room is down the hall from your room. Kiki's room? Upstairs, and down the hall. I know it shouldn't matter, but for some reason it feels like I'm sending her to Timbuktu or something. We have a monitor. I need to get over this.

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