Friday, September 12, 2008

Surgery Update

We're home from the hospital and all is well. Kiki did great, but she was pretty grumpy after this procedure until I got her into the car, where she fussed periodically until we got home. 1 popsicle, 1 graham cracker, and 1 cup of apple juice later, and she's happy as a clam (and down for a nap for a bit!)

She's oozing a little bit of blood from one eye, and you can see a little blood in the whites of both eyes, but her eyes are definitely not as crossed as before. I think they're still a little tending inward, as much as she'll let me see, but I'm sure that'll differ as the days go by.

And as she was screaming I noticed another tooth poking through on the bottom. The doc said the other day that her entire gum line along the top right side is swollen as well, indicative of a possible swarm of teeth all at one time in the next month or so. Poor thing!!!

But it explains why she's been gnawing on her thumb.

Everyone in the hospital fell in love with her. Okay, well at least the anesthesiologist and four different nurses who came in to enthuse about how beautiful and charming and wonderful she was. She came home with a Princess bear in scrubs. I'm naming him for her. His name is Turk. It would have been JD, but he's wearing a surgeon's mask, so.

When Kiki can talk, she can rename him. She'll probably name him Jon or Stephen after her big crushes. Yeah, after months of enduring children's programming like Dora the Explorer and Wonder Friends to no avail -- she simply would NOT engage with the tv at all -- we gave up, deciding that raising a child who had no interest in tv could be a blessing in disguise.

So we switched back to OUR progamming of choice and discovered that whenever Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert -- ESPECIALLY Stephen Colbert -- came on, she'd drop whatever she was doing and become absolutely spellbound.

Well, she's got good taste anyway. And now we'll see what she thinks of them with her new Kiki Vision (tm)!


YarnHacker K September 12, 2008 at 1:55 PM  

Welcome to the newest member of the Colbert Nation!!

Dude, loving Colbert makes so much more sense than this thing Dessa has for Elmo. It's sort of creepy...

SO glad to hear the surgery went well! Have been thinking about you all week and worrying about it. Glad it's over!

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