Friday, September 5, 2008

Put! Put!

She's got it! She figured out "put in" a couple of days ago. It's still a little haphazard, and she doesn't as much "put" as "slam dunk", but by Jove, she's got it! I can't wait to show her off to the OT! (Although her PT was so excited by the new trick that she threatened to tell the OT ahead of me. I love that all her therapists are so committed to their charges that they talk about them with each other as if they were their own kids. I really love this program!)

She's become addicted to "This little piggy." If she's sitting on our lap or chest cuddling, eventually she will stick one of her little feet in our faces. If we're sitting within reach, she'll grab one of our hands and put it on her toes. Regardless of technique, she'll then look at us expectantly and grin hugely as we gamely begin recitation of the piggies' current carryings-on.

She's fine-tuning her signs. It used to be that "all done" was simply throwing her hands up in the air. Now she does it accurately, twisting her hands at the wrist. She's also learning "ball". We're working on building her vocabulary, and it's coming along.

She's also playing Peek-a-boo like a pro, and even plays it with her reflection in the mirror. We're still trying to catch one of her play sessions with her reflection, but she's too aware of her surroundings. When that camera comes out, bam! She's on it! Little diva.

She's also getting better at baa baa for the sheep, and being able to distinguish us asking for a sheep vs. a lion. It's still a little confusing for her, but you can tell she's trying!

And she is climbing over EVERYTHING. She's not travelling yet -- is that what they call holding onto furniture and walking along it? -- but she's starting to show an inclination in that regard. I think she may be walking by Christmas... but then I could be wrong. :)

And that is the current news of Kiki!


Michelle September 7, 2008 at 12:43 PM  

It sounds like she's hit a surge of milestones! Yay!

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