Friday, July 25, 2008

Things are Rough All Over

Last week was horrible. Horrible. Not just for our own little nuclear household, but also amongst many of our nearest and dearest. The week before THAT was bad too. Kipp is still unemployed, but looking hard. And this week Kiki got sick. Like 106 degree fever sick. That lasted two and a half days.

During which time, my precious independent soul was most content being held and cuddled. It was lovely being able to cuddle my darling, as she is not usually inclined for much affection, but not at this expense. She barely moved for those 2.5 days. After each dose of Tylenol though, just as it kicked in, she would perk up a little, look around, wave, smile, maybe wiggle a little, then collapse back into slumber.

Once the fever broke, she dove right back into her usual rambunctious self, but her appetite is still not the same. In fact she now is QUITE adamant about being DONE when she's DONE. First she'll bang her arms on the high chair. I'll say, "All done?" to reinforce the words with the action, and she'll bang again, a little irratibly as if to say, "Did you NOT understand me the FIRST time?"

If at this point I try to sneak another spoonful towards her mouth anyway? She will yell at me and angrily swat the spoon as hard as she can, sending its contents all over the place (much to the pleasure of the dogs.)

I'm trying to teach her the sign for "drink" so that when she wants something to drink when she's eating, she'll sign for it instead of crying for it. So far I am unsuccessful. And if I just leave it on her high chair, she will pick it up and launch it as far as she can because when she is DONE with something, she MEANS it. Although we have thankfully broken her of lobbing her cup when she's done drinking. Now she bangs it down on her high chair authoritatively when she is finished. But again, if we don't remove it from her reach immediately, she will take matters into her own hands.

I'm thinking the terrible 2's are going to be terrible indeed.


YarnHacker K July 26, 2008 at 12:15 AM  

So sorry to hear Kiki was so sick! Poor sweetie!

I dunno what to do about the cup projectiles, either. When Dess is done with her sippy cup, she casually but with great force tosses it aside and behind her as if to say, "And now I am done with YOU, miserable wretch! Begone! BEGONE!"

Why is she such a hater?

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