Thursday, July 31, 2008


Mom and I had a conversation today about hair. Hey, at least we didn't get caught up in politics again.

Kiki was born with a full head of thick black hair. It did not fall out.

It lightened, thinned out in the back where she slept, then grew back and grew down. The length, up until recently has always been most prominent in the front.

It now hovers below her shoulders. Apparently she has natural layers because I cannot give her pigtails without adding a third ponytail on top or heavy duty clips to keep the bangs out of her face.

I have no experience with child hair, so I can't tell you if there's enough of it to classify as "thick". The texture is baby fine. I do know that the baby barrettes I have are too flimsy to hold back the sides.

It's long though, and it covers her face when we don't fasten it up. In fact this morning her hair was completely plastered to her face with snot. Which kind of made her look like a little werewolf, or maybe even that girl from The Ring. Either way, snot is icky and hair curtains are creepy.

Anyway Mom said, "You know, she's over a year old now. It's time to cut her hair. If you cut it now, it will grow in thicker."

I replied, "Even if that's true, I don't think Kipp will let me cut ...."

And Kipp, across the room, bellowed, "You're NOT cutting her hair!"

And so there you are.

Later I broached the subject again, mentioning how cute she would look in bangs, which somehow ended in how cute she would look in a pink mohawk -- again, no cutting, just profuse hair products.

Then Kipp suggested I find some computer program wherein we could plug in a pic of her, and experiment with hair styles digitally before comitting. "Come on," I said, "She's a baby. She'll look cute in ANYTHING and besides, it will grow back."

"You don't know it will grow back," he countered, stubbornly. Even though he has 2 other children with healthy thick heads of hair which constantly grows back. And it's not like I don't have a special Pooh jar waiting upstairs for her first cut lock of hair (alongside another jar waiting for her first tooth to fall out.)

I've been talking about trimming her hair since even before her birthday. There's no way I'll do it myself because I don't cut bangs well (my 3rd grade pictures will validate this statement.) On the other hand, I don't see her sitting still enough for me to feel comfortable about anyone branding anything sharp near her face.

But if I have to face another morning of the snot-do, I may just reach the acme of my ick capacity.


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