Thursday, April 3, 2008

First Birthday Present

Kiki received her first birthday gift the other day. It came from Grandma, and it's this activity center that starts out as a floor toy, then you put it on a pedestal for sitting/kneeling height, then add another post to make it a standing toy. Right now I'm working on getting her to kneel, because she has no interest in standing AT ALL. (sigh)

Just the other day I bragged about the child having the patience of a saint, so of course she has immediately decided the finger food method of eating? Is too frustrating to continue. She still starts off trying, then she cries, then she cocks her head to the side and bats her eyelashes at me in the hopes that I'll be her hands for her.

I wish I could say I do not cave. But I don't feed it to her... when she does this, I just take away the finger food altogether, and finish up with her sippy cup. I'm not sure this is the right technique, but frustration isn't going to teach her anything either, right?

I wish she had come with a manual sometimes.


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