Sunday, March 30, 2008

Being Friendly

So we went to Mamaw and Papaw's house yesterday for a belated Easter with family. I couldn't help but dress Kiki up a little bit take some pics with her and her first Easter basket (filled with candy Mom is gonna eat.)

She was a little fussy before we left, so I was worried that it was going to be yet another day where she cried the whole time. She doesn't seem to like their house; even I can't comfort her when we're there.

This time, I carried her in, without the carrier, let everyone say hi to her while I was holding her. She smiled at everyone -- she's beginning to do this now, instead of crying at people then turning to laugh at me -- and then I plopped her on the floor and surrounded her with her toys. Kipp and I took turns lying there with her for a little bit, and then?

She had a GREAT time! And everyone got to play with her a little bit without her pitching a fit. And for once I got to socialize with the adults. And it ROCKED!

The surprises didn't end there. At dinner time, we set up her high chair near the table. I made her a little puree of Easter dinner -- Papaw's famous green beans, and I put a little lamb in 'em to boot. Then I put little pieces of potato, lamb, and croissant on her high chair, with no real expectation that she'd be interested in it. She had never picked up Cheerios or those little toddler puffs off her tray before. But lately, I've been giving her baby crackers and teething biscuits every day, so she could at least practice feeding herself with big things.

Surprise!! She went to town on those little bits of food, getting all of it into her mouth! And she LOVED Papaw's beans (who doesn't?)

Anyway, all in all, a FABULOUS day. Yay!!

This morning, high on the success of last night's dinner, I put some puffs on her tray, and she ate 'em all, all by herself. Yay! The OT is gonna be so proud!

Speaking of which, when the OT was last here, she pulled out a stacking toy, the kind with the pole and the rings that go on it from big to small. Anyway, I went out and bought one and started working with Kiki on taking off and putting on. We got to the point where she was regularly taking the top one, the orange one, off with relatively no trouble.

So of course we have to show off for Daddy. I coached her and coached her, shooing away the dogs who were distracting her, telling her, "Kiki, take the orange ring off. The orange ring, Kiki." I'd take it off, show her, put it back on, and she just wasn't interested. Finally, I sighed, orange ring in hand, and told Kipp, "She was doing it before..." and before I could finish my sentence, she reaches over and pulls off the blue ring.

So, you know, I think she gets it.


YarnHacker K March 31, 2008 at 10:14 AM  

Yay Kiki! Sounds like the stranger anxiety phase may be working itself out a bit. Of course, soon she'll hit the "No" stage. It's always something...

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