Saturday, March 15, 2008

Well that explains everything.

So this last week, my perfect baby has been cranky and demanding. Mind you, I'm spoiled rotten by her, so her 5-minute tantrums 3 or 4 times a day have been VERY draining on me. I know. Pity me.

And my dog, my usually laid-back, sleeping from dusk to dawn anywhere near me dog, has just been PACING around her. Pace, pace, pace. Hover. Pace. Whine. Pace, hover. Check her out. Pace, pace, hover. ARRRGH. It's been making me INSANE.

Now, Kiki has not been feeling well. She has yet another ear infection, or the last on never really went away, and now she's on a different antibiotic that turns her poop blood-red. (Nifty, huh? You think you can handle any kind of poop that comes out of your baby after 11 months of training, and then you get RED poop. It's boggling.) So I kind of figured she just was sick-cranky.

And the dog, I figured the dog was developing some kind of maternal bond for the baby, and being concerned about the baby not feeling well.

It turns out I was mostly wrong on both counts.

Friday morning, when Kiki grabbed my hair and chomped on my chin, which is one of her favorite pastimes now, it HURT. The little vampire had sprouted a tooth OVERNIGHT. It's her front bottom tooth, and it hits the soft flabby stuff under my chin juuuuuust perfectly when she chomps for her entertainment.

Yay, tooth!! And ouch. I am a weenie when it comes to pain.

And the dog? Protective? No. The dog has figured out that if she is closer to the baby than I am, then she can clean up the baby's spitup before I can get there. Lovely.

So much for having a supernatural diagnostic sense. I guess I'm just normal after all.


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