Sunday, April 27, 2008

Done waiting!

I've been putting off blogging until I have actual video to demonstrate, but it's taking me FOREVER to get to that video processing stuff, so the heck with it. Gah!

First, her birthday was a roaring success! Bri and I made 2 dozen cupcakes, then Bri and Kipp arranged them in the shape of Pooh. (Sort of... it was cute. I have pics of that!) Then we sang Happy Birthday to Kiki, sat her in her high chair, and put a cupcake in front of her.

Now I've heard stories about kids at the 1st birthdays having no interest at all in their cake. No such problem with Miss Kiki. She smashed her hand down into the frosting, squealed with delight, then attempted to squash the entire cupcake into her mouth.

It was a mess. Note to parents planning their baby's first birthday party: pick a cake type that matches the color of the carpet. I meant to give her a carrot cake cupcake, but she ended up with a chocolate one. And after most of a cupcake and cup of milk, she puked in the livingroom. We do not have chocolate colored carpet.

And since then she's been leapfrogging through milestones. She started waving one day, the same day she started dancing. Now she dances almost any time she hears music. There are one or two tunes that she simply cannot resist. It's like she's wearing magic dancing shoes. After making her dance over and over for 2 hours straight, we almost felt like we were torturing her. But it's so damned cute!

She's also started to show an interest in trying to pull herself up onto her feet. And today, she started crawling -- actual crawling, not the military maneuver!! She's not clapping, but she'll bang toys together, and if she's holding onto someone's thumbs she'll do the whole Pat A Cake thing.

I have so much video, and not enough time. It's annoying.

But it has a been a very busy month for Miss Kiki. I'm sooo proud of her and can't wait to show off for her PT!


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