Thursday, January 22, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Well, I've had actual court docs to transcribe all week. One! Day! Turnaround! Ack!

My mother-in-law has been over every afternoon this week (except Monday, court holiday) to watch the monster, bless her heart. Kiki is not so thrilled. Kipp's schedule this week is 10 am to 9 pm, so he sees her an hour or so in the morning and that's it. So Kiki has been missing Mommy AND Daddy all week, and she's been taking it out on her poor Mamaw. Oh, the screams!

Yesterday, Sue just bundled her up into the stroller and took her out around the neighborhood for an hour. She was fine the rest of the day. Between the screaming! and the cold, fresh air, she completely passed out at 7. She woke up around 2 am, and Kipp got to spend about an hour with her before putting her back to bed, and then? She slept until 10 am this morning! Wow!

Which of course puts her schedule all over the place. Yie.

One more day of court work this week -- Friday's I can do over the weekend -- and then 2 days next week. I'm just looking forward to payday! Woot!

So it's a short blog today because I want to play with my baby for a while. Here's a pic to tide ya over... not incredibly recent, earlier this month. I'm thinking of taking a pic of the top of her head for posterity, which I'm sure she'll love me trotting out on her prom date.

Kiki's new trick: saying Aaaaaah! Her pedi was thrilled. :)


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