Friday, August 24, 2007

Wouldn't you know it?

So I got all excited about Kiki eating solid food, right? And she's doing fabulously at it, by the way. She's still eating cereal only, and only a tablespoon of it, once a day. I mean, introducing foods this early is meant only as supplemental, not any sort of weaning or anything.

Anyway, so I go out and google baby food recipes, and I find a promising site with lists and lists of foods, from exotic to everyday, and then as I go deeper, it begins to admonish me, harshly, for not waiting until Kiki was 6 months old to introduce solids.

Well, dammit. Can I do nothing right?

I'm monitoring her pretty closely anyway, and she's not reacting badly at all. In fact, I think the newness is intriguing to her. I'm a big fan of keeping her from being bored. And a week later, she's gotten the hang of opening up for each bite, and mushing it around in her mouth, exploring the texture of it. She's even grabbed for the spoon a couple of times, and grabbed some of the mush out of her mouth to play with. A little messy, but exciting to watch.

She's still practicing all her vocalizations. The other day, Kipp "flew" her at me, saying "Here comes Vampire Baby!" and making growling sounds. Kiki evidently took him completely at his word, because now her favorite sound is, "Grrrr! Grrrrrr! GRRRRRRRRR!"

She's starting to explore more with her hands and mouth which means she chews, pinches, and scratches now. All while she's GRRRRRRRing, which makes her a vicious little beastie, all in all.

She seems to have given up on laughing for the most part, at least for now. She still bursts out in happy, all-over-her-face grins, but the actual laugh? Not so much. I know it will come back, though, so I am not obsessing.

Speaking of which. Her blood tests came back normal. Whew! I had these very deep-seated fears her white blood cell count would be up, which could mean -- well, bad things anyway. And luckily all is well, so there's no sense dwelling on it, right? Right!!

And that's all for the week. :) Happy weekend everybody!


Kate August 24, 2007 at 8:03 PM  

Vampire baby! Grrr! That's *so* cute!

Very glad that the tests came back okay.

Take care and keep blogging!

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