Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The 4-month update

Kiki had her 4-month checkup last week, complete with her second round of shots. The doctor was highly pleased with her progress. I think I mentioned this before -- 50th percentile in weight and 70th percentile in length, on the REGULAR chart! Yay!

I always make a list of things I want to ask the doctor, and then, invariably, I leave it at home. At least this time I remembered to pack a blanket in the diaper bag -- the last time I had a naked baby in a chilly room waiting for the doctor and no way to keep her warm except to hold her close. Which is nice, in and of itself, but she's getting more and more wiggly, and doesn't tolerate the snug holding for very long at all. Of course the blanket I did bring this time? Covered in dog hair. Sheesh.

I remembered most of the questions. Can she start solids? Check and YAY! I think she has sleep apnea -- she sometimes pauses in her breathing when she sleeps. The doctor said if she doesn't stop breathing for 20 seconds then it isn't sleep apnea. Which 20 seconds is a looooong time, people. I don't think I can hold my breath for 20 seconds.

I also asked about her circulation. I've noticed that sometimes when she's held, one of her legs or one of her arms will start turning white. This turns out to be normal. But I've also noticed that at times, her hands and feet start turning blue again. So now we must get a blood test. Kiki was born with a high count of red blood cells, but we were told it would go away. The doctor is less concerned at the moment with her red blood cell count; she wants to make sure her white blood cell count is not also high.

And then she got her shots. Took 'em like a trooper, just like the first time. Only this time, she got a fever, and was fussy through Friday.

So we didn't actually try the cereal experiment until Saturday. I wanted her to feel good her first try. And she did fabulously! It's now 5 days later, and she's really getting the hang of NOT pushing the food out of her mouth the second I put it in there. And she's begun opening her mouth for the next spoonful when she's ready for it.

The doctor suggested trying cereal only for 2 weeks, but I don't think I can wait that long. I think Saturday I will make her some squash -- or yams -- or carrots. Color! I want to feed her color!

Both the doctor and the physical therapist are impressed with the improvement of her muscle tone. She can sit now, if she's propped up. And she'd rather sit up than be cradled, and she lets us know in no uncertain terms.

Poor Kipp. He's been noting that Kiki is a Mommy's girl, and I think he's a little grumpy about it. He kind of just assumed she'd be a Daddy's girl. I tell him that she'll go through stages. Right now, she's an infant, and infants tend to know their moms really well. Once she starts to move around and get more independent, she'll more than likely switch loyalties.

But secretly, I'm pretty smug about it. My baby girl prefers me to ANYBODY! muhahahahahaha!


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