Sunday, July 29, 2007

Not Negative All the Time

I honestly don't focus all my energy on negative thoughts. And when I feel low, a little baby one-on-one always seems to put things in perspective.

She's 3 and a half months old now! She's awake more often, more tied to a schedule, and has just about the sunniest disposition I've ever seen in a baby. And even though I've been advised not to, I still check her milestone accomplishment against the norm, and you know what? To my untrained eye, she's developping pretty normally. So far she:

1. Smiles and grins in response to familiar faces and activities she enjoys, like bouncing.

2. When on her tummy, holds her head up 45 degrees, and sometimes 90 degrees.

3. Brings her hands together on her chest, and also brings her hands up to her mouth.

4. Has begun to notice her feet.

5. Will grasp a toy if placed in her hand, and hold onto it for 10 seconds, even waving it around before releasing it.

6. Rolls from her back to her tummy without assistance, and from her tummy to her back with assistance.

7. Has begun to suck her thumb.

8. Laughs -- not very often, and I think it takes her by surprise as much as it does us when it happens.

9. Gurgles and coos to herself and to us.

10. Attempts to mimic our facial expressions and noises.

So I've started trying baby sign with her. Before I give her a bottle, I make the sign for food. I figure with enough repetition, she may have the routine and muscle tone to accomplish this in a month or so. I'm also hoping that by 6 months, she'll be sitting up and taking a little solid food.

I've got these Baby Einstein blocks that I've been trying to interest her in. They've got different textures on each side, and each one is a different color. So far she's fascinated with the textures, but seems otherwise perplexed as how to interact with the things. And her favorite toy is still her stuffed doggie in a blanket. It's become something of a comfort toy for her. We put it on her chest and she immediately lights up, hugs it tight, and starts kissing it. And then she falls asleep, the doggie's head tucked under her chin, one arm clenched tight around its blanket body, and it is truly the most adorable sight ever.


YarnHacker K July 29, 2007 at 10:26 AM  

That is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. She sure took to that particular toy, didn't she? Isn't it funny how kids develop an affinity for one stuffed animal and that's their fave (*cough cough* Orange Doggy *cough cough*)?

Kate July 29, 2007 at 6:59 PM  

Awww...she's tres cute(r) in the photo! As you probably discovered with us, fussing about the developmental milestones will drive you mad. MAD! Hoohooheeheehahahahahahaha!


p.s. Don't give her a stuffed fishie unless if you've got a replacement fin. You know what I mean.

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