Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another Day of Firsts

So after feeding Kiki, I put her down -- on her back of course -- in her Pack 'n Play to do some stretching. It's kind of a routine. She eats, then cuddles for a little bit until she either a) falls asleep or b) starts to push away and fuss. At that point, it's Pack 'n Play time.

At which point, if she's asleep, she'll wake right up. So asleep or awake, Pack 'n Play time means unrestricted movement, and she lurrrves it.

Until she doesn't. And then it's time for either a) bouncy chair or b) swing. In either place, she'll nod off and sleep deeply until the next feeding. She lets us know which one she wants, too. I'm not crazy. She really DOES.

Okay. Anyway. I put her in the Pack 'n Play. I sit down and do a little work until I hear her fussing LOUDLY. So I go to check on her and not only has she spit up but ---

she's lying face down in it.

The little munchkin turned herself over! SHE TURNED HERSELF ONTO HER BELLY ALL BY HERSELF!

Yay! And yet? Terrified. What if she does it at night, in her bassinet, when I'm fast asleep?? Great, now I'll be checking her a 100 million times a night instead of just the requisite 50 million times.

And a first for me as well today. Without even thinking about it before I did it, I pulled the old Magic Mommy Spit Cleanup on a little dried milk on her face. And then I thought, "Oh! Eww!" And Kiki just rolled her eyes at me.

So I'm facing a Bad Mommy Weekend. The child is only 3 months (and some) old, and we're going camping. Without her. She'll be staying with family -- who, by the way are DYING to get their hands on her -- but she will be without Mommy. For two. Nights. In. A Row.

Everyone tells us we need couple time, away from baby. Rationally, I can see this may be true. And Kipp has already been through the First Baby Syndrome, so he's completely not even on my side about this. MY side being I CANNOT BE SEPARATED FROM BABY AT THIS YOUNG AND VULNERABLE AGE.

I am outvoted. Yes, I know the Mommy vote should actually trump everyone else, but here's a guilty secret. I'm going to enjoy camping. Until I go to bed at night, at which point I expect to have a complete and total meltdown.

So we're going away for a weekend and coincidentally, Kiki is rolling over on her tummy all by herself at the same time. And I won't be there to check her 100 million times a night to make sure she isn't suffocating.

I must be insane.

I better leave a pint of Mommy Spit, just in case.


YarnHacker K July 19, 2007 at 11:47 PM  

I knew I was a Real Mom when Dessa's pacifier fell on the floor and I picked it up, stuck it in my mouth, sucked on it for a second and then gave it back to her. This is not sanitary in the least but Mom Spit? Trumps any 5 second rule on the planet.

As for rolling over, that's one strong girl you have there. And a terrifying one - I dread that day...

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