Tuesday, April 7, 2009

1001 Things I've Been Meaning to Do

It's just sad. Sad.

Last week we had lovely weather. For 4 days straight, it was in the 70s. At night instead of dropping down to an arctic 66 degrees in the house (that's when the heater kicks on because I like it cold when I sleep am energy conscious) it stayed at an annoying sweltering 72, which meant breaking out Kiki's summer sleepwear. And oh woe, her summer clothes from last year are too small!

Anyway this year I decided to do sundresses all summer. So I've actually been buying a sundress every other week or so, to make a grand total of 3. And they make good light sleepwear too, thankfully.

And then! Mom and JP send a box of summer! clothes! hats! sleepwear! Easter dress! filled to the brim with tissue wrapped goodies, which Kiki had a ball unwrapping.

And just as they were all washed and ready to wear? It started to snow.

Stupid Missouri weather.

But, oh the hats! She won't keep 'em on, but we're working on it. And oh, the dresses! And so, yes, I've been meaning to take pics and pics and more pics and... did I mention it snowed today?

I've also been meaning to video her saying her handful of words and doing the itsy bitsy spider and the wheels on the bus because oh my God, it's hysterical.

Even better? Butt hunting. She has discovered FINALLY that she LURRRVES her Dora chair, and loves to sit in it and bounce. But she is not walking yet, so she has to figure an alternate way to settle into it. Which involves crawling up to it, turning her back on it, then sticking her butt up into the air as many times as it takes to finally land in the right place.

We would help, but we're laughing too hard trying to encourage her to figure it out for herself.

And I've resigned myself to buying stock in prune juice and Metamucil. For life. Gah.


starr April 7, 2009 at 4:35 AM  

Get a movie of that please. It sounds hysterical just hearing it! But I am a very visual brain so I get these pics in my head....lol. It won't be forever for the poop battle.... don't forget to pump the water too. We got some really cold weather here too... and now it's rain.

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