Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Health Stuff

So Kiki had her well-visit today but because she isn't well, she got no shots. She wasn't exactly disappointed by this turn in events.

Don't know what's up in the health regard but her weight is up! Yay! 6 days of adding butter, peanut butter, cheese, or cottage cheese (or sometimes combinations of these things) to everything she ate made its mark. She's now 29 inches long (tall?) and 20.3 pounds (or something. I'm not keeping close track. All I know is want her to weigh 23 pounds, and if she drops under 20 pounds, I'm going to hook up a feeing tube to her or something.)

So, three weeks ago, she had a high fever for 2 days, and got antibiotics for 7 days. Upon completion of the antibiotics last week, she started sneezing, got a runny nose, and developed a cough. Following doctor's orders, we started giving her Benadryl at bedtime, then even started dosing her in the morning and afternoon too beause the bedtime dose didn't seem to have any impact.

Then yesterday, we decided to skip the afternoon dose because she didn't seem to need it. And then right smack in the middle of dinner, she stopped eating and started screaming. She had a fever of 102. We gave her Tylenol, and it shot up to 104, then came back down to 102 before we put her to bed. She woke up coughing and screaming twice -- this is a baby who NEVER wakes up at night.

Soooooo.... the fever broke at 5:00 a.m. She acted completely well at the doc's office -- of course -- though she has a nasty rattle. And she's on fever watch tonight because if it spikes again, she's in for chest X-rays and bloodwork tomorrow to rule out pneumonia.

Hey, I was on WebMD and Wrong Diagnosis last night and became convinced she has whooping cough. Kipp pointed out there was no whooping noise. I pointed out that's the SECOND stage.

He's been married to me long enough to know when there's just no talking to me. So he quietly went back to his Soduku puzzle and let me stew.

All I'm saying is if the doc thinks there's reason to possibly suspect pneumonia, then I'm not as paranoid as I think I am. Sometimes though I still suspect I have Munchausen's, I swear to God. Because I'm anxious beyond words, and the child is running around rosy-cheeked (from fever) growling and laughing and romping about as if she felt like a million bucks.

Well, except when she starts screaming in the middle of dinner. Dammit, I am NOT that bad a cook.


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