Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dilemma of the Day

The dilemma of the day is whether or not to cut Kiki some bangs. I'm on the fence; Kipp is definitely against it.

It must be a mommy thing. You know, the whole, "Get your hair out of your face. I can't see your beautiful eyes," line everyone's mom throws at them while they're growing up.

I'm always blowing her hair out of her face, or brushing it to the side. But invariably, it falls back over her eyes, hanging down to her nose. That combined with the fuzzy mess in the back of her head which never smooths out no matter how many times a day I run a comb through it makes her look like her mama never attends to her hygenic needs.

Yep, it all comes back to being all about ME.

She's gotten over her nasty little cold, thank GOD. Her 9-month check up showed her still on a great growth curve, though she's fallen behind on length a little bit (now 30th percentile.) And now I think she's going through a growth spurt -- eating like a machine and sleeping the day away.

So when I was a younger woman and dreamed of having kids, I always imagined myself as some kind of ubermom. You know, using cloth diapers, making baby food from scratch, the works. I obviously thought I'd somehow give birth in a world made up of 38-hour days and unlimited amounts of energy.

Anyway, I bring this up because this week? I made her vegetables! Myself! Me and my food processor! I was so proud. And she ate 'em without choking too.

And I've started her on yogurt. The yogurt is a MUCH bigger hit than cottage cheese was, let me tell you.

I can't believe it's February already. Is time speeding up or what?


Kate February 3, 2008 at 2:15 PM  

Yes,timeisdefinitelyspeedingup,can'tyoutell? :)

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